I changed the site!

A friend decided to ditch social media and is moving to RSS and Atom feeds, and my old blog was broken in terms of feeds. I didn't ever know how pelican worked, so I figured there wasn't a good reason to fight it if I could try something new, and here we are. The site is being generated by zola now, which has been an interesting transition. Once I got used to things being different, it seems to work a fair bit better, though I haven't noticed the speed aspect. I am on some decently fast hardware, and it's a small site, but features like broken link checking is a nice bonus. I'll open source the site soon and make sure to link to it, but you can see all of my projects on gitea now conveniently linked at the top with the new atom feed. I'm tired of staring at text, so I'm going to keep this one short, but wanted to christen the site with a new post at least. ✌️

Update: The site is fully open source here and will hopefully continue to beb updated there as my old blog was.