Speedy boi update

I've been learning some CAD to start planning. I'm leaving the design to be ready for 48v steppers, so they will be shown, though may take a cuple of iterations to actually include. So far I've got the carbon fiber gantry modeled, as well as a backpack to relocate all of the DC electronics to, banishing the 24/48v AC power supplies and SSR to the basement where they won't be touched. Also shown is the Mantis toolhead that will be pushing some massive plastic, as well as giving a much needed cooling upgrade over a single 5015 fan of the Stealthburner, not to mention the weight reduction. Note that the backpack won't be translucent, but it's impossible to see things if it's shown in black in the slicer, so bear with me on colours ect.

Changes since last post

  • Backpack designed
  • Switched to flying gantry (2.4 vs Trident base)
  • External steppers (shown in back) for A/B motors. More power, and actually able to purchase



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