It's getting closer!

This has truly been a learning experience in things that should be obvious, but aren't when you are in the middle of things. Crimping the connectors has been nothing but a pain, so for now, I soldered most of them on the toolhead, which I'm sure I'll regret later, and by later, I mean almost instantly. I've torn the entire toolhead down at least 10 times due to small issues here and there. The probe was installed too high, the extruder had a few issues once I looked at it, the list goes on, but with each teardown, I learn a bit about the toolhead, and it gets easier. Firmware is flashed, wired up to test, but I'm out of time, and I didn't bother to cable manage too much because I'm sure I'll have to rewire it all eventually.

Some pictures

Turns out that the probe, while it looks like it should be flush mount, should, in fact, not be. probe_in_wrong_spot

Not only is my cable management horrible, but it also was a horrible photo!


It's starting to look like a printer.