It moves!

After much much failure, I have it able to move. The Y belt seems really loose, near impossible to fix, the gantry is a bit stiff, but it's moving. I'm not going easy on this printer, and going for Voron speed right out of the gate the first print. It's by no means done. Enclosure is still not on, y belt is skipping, parts are missing here and there, but it can at least print the rest of it's upgrades if I tame it in. There will be at least a few more follow up posts as I'm looking into some upgrades that can solve some issues. So far I'm printing the Y belt mod found here. That should help me get better acceleration, but I'll need to wait to see until belts come in. The parts are printed. I also printed a temporary solution to not wanting to solder the bed connectors, which I think looks nice enough for now.

Some pictures/videos

Starting a benchy. It didn't finish thanks to the Y belt skipping.

Tamed the printer down and started printing the fix.


This printer is totally not tuned, and ringing can be seen, especially near the voron logo. I'll address this later hopefully, but that's high speed printing problems at least. The rest looks bad on camera, but looks fine in person.


Here's the connector I printed to be lazy.