Really pretty, hard to use

This filament has been the opposite experience of Galaxy Black PLA. Issues after issues getting it to stick, stringing was really bad, and details were lacking. That said, I did get some prints to work after much trial and error, and much of the issue with to do with Prusa's own textured sheet that was recommended for this. It is not safe to use on the smooth sheet as it will stick too well, but the textured sheet was the opposite. Prints not sticking, or breaking off constantly. Smaller prints normally needed to be fast, or use a brim, and large prints were able to stick if the first layer stuck. Once the print was done, on the rare print that did complete, stringing was rampant, and needed cleaned on every print. PETG is supposed to be better for structural components than PLA, but I found small pieces to break just as easily, and the heat deflection temperature is only 50c on PETG, so I can't recommend it. The main selling point of PETG was supposed to be that it was easy to print, and not give off toxic fumes like ABS/ASA and other similar materials, but it's been anything but easy to print. If you have tried PETG, and not had issue, and you don't have an enclosure for ABS/ASA, this may be a good option, but at least on the Prusa Mini, I can not recommend at least this PETG.


carmine_red_example carmine_red_print