Why you absolutely want to try this.


Octoprint is a simple concept. It's a web server that gives you control of your printer. This could be useful if you don't have a screen, but it can do a lot more than just print a gcode file. I'll touch on a few features of octoprint that make it compelling to many users.

Send a print directly from a slicer

Many modern slicers such as PrusaSlicer, SuperSlicer, Slic3r, ect all have the ability to communicate directly with octoprint. This saves the hastle of moving a flash drive around, and trying to remember what settings were in the gcode if you may be using a different filament than you were before. No need to wonder any more. Just slice, and send it over!

Instructions for PrusaSlicer and SuperSlicer can be found here

Monitor your prints from anywhere

Octoprint allows you to see the gcode draw what the printer is doing, as well as add a webcam to let you monitor progress. Never wonder if your print is going ok when you are distracted and not watching it. Just check in once in a while remotely and get back to doing things! If it failed, you can even stop the print remotely.


Once you have a webcam to check in, you may as well make a timelapse, and Octoprint has that feature built right into it! It's great for watching how prints fail to help you tune, or just fun to see them getting played back at super speed.

Keep track of prints, both working, and failed.

We all like to print things, but we never really keep track of how much filament we go through, or how much it costs. There are plugins that can keep track of how much each print used, and how much it costs, so if you want to print another, you can get an idea of cost, or how much of your spool you'll need to print something, and all at a glance.

Kick off prints anywhere

Ever not been at your printer and knew the printer was ready to go, but didn't want to wait until you are back home to start a print? Thanks to the camera, you can check in, and even start a print, all on the go. There are even mobile apps for iOS, and android and those are just two examples.

Many many more plugins

These are not the only things that Octoprint can do. There are tons of user plugins that extend the functionality massively, or just change the way it looks. I don't have a ton of plugins going, but I'll list a few that I think others would enjoy.


So far I'm having a lot of fun with my printer, and getting amazing results, and Octoprint makes it all the better. It's free, and can run on as little as a Rasperry Pi Zero, so there's little reason to not give it a shot. More things like this will be coming in the future.